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Stock & Futures Back Office Trading System

Stock Back Office Settlement System

Functions Highlight

  1. Manage transactions of Stocks, Warrants, Options, Bonds and Loan Stock traded under HKEx.
  2. Multi-Currency function, handling Cash Settlement, Margin financing, Custody services and nominee's services. Multilevel commission, rebate, interest &
    acceptable % table parameters setting
  3. Interface with CCASS, Data File Transferring.
  4. Sophisticated Settlement (Cash, Day Trade, Margin, offset & Trustee Client) and risk management.
  5. NON-AMS Stock Trading.
  6. Unlimited trading history (depends on the client's hardware storage).
  7. Complete General Ledger Interface to our G/L System, which produces Financial Returns.
  8. Fully integrated with Print Queue System to keep track of any reports generated by the system.

Commodities & Options Back Office Settlement System

Functions Highlight

  1. Support HSI Futures and Options, Longterm HSI Options Stock Futures etc.
  2. Support auto-settlement on minimum commission or margin requirement basis or selective settlement.
  3. Users definable multi-classes for client margin requirement, client commission and A/E rebate scheme with multi-levels.
  4. Provide both order details report and automatic matching program for reconciliation with HKFE DTS.
  5. Provide interface with PC SPAN program for margin calculation if options present.
  6. User can obtain the On-line inquiry or reports on clients account balance, unrealized P/L, outstanding positions and Margin Requirement. Daily statement,
    monthly statement, margin call statement and margin status reports can be ready within a few minutes.
  7. On-line Margin Control can be done with price feed.
  8. Support client's auto-claim straddle individually with report listing.
  9. rovide and print HKFE Form 3B, Form 3C & Form 4.
  10. Provide client's detailed trading report for exploration of daily maximum margin requirement. Direct interface with G/L for daily operations.
Stock & Futures Back Office Trading System
The system is designed and developed to cater different customer needs.
Fully portable, both Data and Programs, from stand-alone PC, Novell Server, NT server to over 600 UNIX platform which provides our clients with unlimited upgrade path and minimize their hardware and software investment.
Provides full range of Access Control on
program, functions and data to control the System Securities. Over 30 levels access tree setting provides a flexible data protection hierarchy.
Provides systematic Reports Archive Functions to store and retrieve reports from electronic media. Its Print Queue Distributor with Data Access Control allow each user to receive, electronically, its own portion of reports with on screen viewing.
Provides workflow Control, series of operation can be pre-set in batch jobs. A "Day Begin" or "Day End" Batch Run may then serve as an event trigger to ensure "Time Critical" job were successfully completed.
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