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Stock & Futures Front Office Trading System

It is the first BSS under the development of AMS/3, the system integrates trading platform and real time stock quotation, brokers can have unprecedented access on their ET Net workstations to make transaction orders to HKEx's OG system directly while viewing real-time quotations, charts and timely financial news. The system is equipped with advanced functions such as detailed order book information, individual client margin control, risk management control, security control and client relationship management.

Futures trading is said to be high risk, our real-time futures & options trading system can effectively minimize the risks
undertaken by brokerage firms as the system enables instant review of client's account balance, open contracts while making orders. The system allows instant order execution directly through the Hong Kong Futures Exchange trading platform. It is equivalent to HKFE's "HKATS" trading platform as it supplements the existing "HKATS" function deficiency on automatic price alter and individual client margin controls.

Stock & Futures Back Office Settlement System

By adopting a comprehensive charge table setting function, users can now selfdefine all the special charge items of
buying / selling orders in different stock markets and currencies. All these userdefined charge items can be automatically displayed in all internal reports and clients'
statement of accounts to shorten settlement time.

Internet Trading Platform

We help you to enhance your company's competitiveness with minimal investment in time, money and technology by building and maintaining a professional eBusiness web-site that allows on-line stock and futures trading. We apply the latest JAVA & Oracle technology, you may now manage whatever content, research, price quote, analytical chart without the need to learn any technical code. ET Net Oneoffice Limited has a reputation of "on time and on budget" accomplished through consultants who have a unique blend of technology expertise and business consulting services specific to your need.

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