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Stock & Futures Front Office Trading System

Stock Front Office Trading System

Functions Highlight

  1. Connect to HKEx Open Gateway (OG) and AMS/3 trading system
  2. OG price quotation functions
  3. Realtime trade order amendment with dynamic sorting sequence
  4. Online inquiry on all clients' executed orders
  5. Sophisticated risk management mechanism on individual client and AE
  6. Connection with online trading website, mobile phone & PDA etc.
  7. Instant trade order cancellation of a particular stock and its related warrants in special situation

Commodities & Options Front Office Trading System

Functions Highlight

  1. Connect to HKFE Open API and pass the official test
  2. AE or investor can input orders including index futures, options, international futures or other derivative products
  3. Real-time inquiry on executed orders records, cancelled orders and pending orders
  4. Substantial market information price information, price depth, order depth and price depth with calculation
  5. Useful trade books, ticker, market statistics and trade statistics functions
  6. Sophisticated monitoring functions on order approval, trade book, order book, order history and company trade
  7. ser-friendly system setting with "save desktop setting", "build groups", "user trading preference" and login in password setting"
Stock Front Office Trading SystemCommodities & Options Front Office Trading System
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